unbuilt HONK KONG

We are thrilled to showcase a captivating project we had the privilege to work for Iprospect North.

The assignment at hand involved spearheading a digital PR campaign, where we set out to create a series of 3D renders depicting structures slated for construction in Hong Kong and Shenzhen—structures that, never came to life.

Nexus Tower complex

Location: Shenzhen

Design: PL Architects

Our objective was to seamlessly integrate these envisioned structures into their intended environments, using meticulously selected source images. This approach not only allowed us to place the structures amidst existing buildings and landscapes but also facilitated the creation of a striking before-and-after visual experience through an interactive slider.at, never came to life.

Kowloon MTR Tower

Location: Hong Kong

Design: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

The true challenge in executing this project lay in the quest for high-quality source information. Unfortunately, detailed plans, drawings, and facades proved elusive, compelling us to rely solely on images sourced from the internet. Despite this limitation, we built 3D models that were precisely aligned with real-world photographs. This process was undertaken to meet the client’s specific requirement: presenting a compelling before-and-after narrative through a dynamic slider.

Asian Cairns

Location: Shenzhen

Design: Vincent Callebaut

The result is a testament to our commitment to innovation and creative problem-solving, transforming conceptual ideas into vivid, tangible representations, even in the absence of conventional design blueprints. We take pride in having met the challenges of this project head-on and delivering a visual experience that resonates with the essence of what could have been in the dynamic cityscapes of Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Client: IProspect

Year: 2021

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